A.I. Count

A.I. Count was created using a cutting-edge machine learning algorithm that transforms input from a video camera into data on vehicle numbers and up to 13 classifications. We’ve done our research, here are the problems we solve:

  • Accuracy: We have field tested A.I. Count in the real world and its accuracy meets or exceeds transportation administration requirements. NYDOT, with some of the most rigorous standards in the US, has accepted A.I. Count as an approved product.
  • Affordability: A.I. Count is more affordable than other high-traffic video counting systems. This system is real-time and computer A.I.-enabled so no need to send data or pay for processing.
  • Safety: Roadwork can be dangerous, especially with today’s distracted drivers. A.I. Count keeps your crew off the road with an easily-installed pole system that is ready to go in minutes.